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  • Erika Kapin

Past Present Self


I’m looking for people who are interested in participating in an art project I’m doing called Past Present Self. Some photos attached from previous sessions. It is a photography project that creates portraits of queer people interacting in a double exposure with a significant photo from their childhood– allowing their younger selves to heal with the love and care of the present.

In order to participate, you’d need to have either actual photo prints or high res digital photos of younger you. The first step is for you to carefully choose a photo from a period of your youth that your would like to connect with.

The actual session would take about 1 hour and would take place in my studio.

I would ask you to sign a release form that will allow me to include what we make in my portfolio and other sharing options as part of this project (social media, artist grant submissions etc). And you would receive your own copies to share or enjoy as you would like as well.

There is also a written element to this work where I would ask you to write 1-2 sentences on a specific prompt based on the photo that we use of younger you.

I’m happy to answer any questions about this process. Please feel to email with any questions or to schedule a session!

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