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Photo by Kim Kapin

Erika Kapin is a photographer whose work authentically captures intimate moments. She loves to share the stories of people, their relationships with the world and their relationships with each other.  Born in Seattle, Washington, Erika moved to NYC in 2005 where she received her BFA from the New School for violin performance in 2010. Erika has studied and worked as a teaching assistant at International Center of Photography. Currently living in New York City, Erika continues to work on her personal projects as well her professional projects in creative portraiture and documentary photography

In 2008 Erika began an association with the Chair and the Maiden gallery where her photographs have been featured the group shows “Preview” and “ArtLive”(2008/2009) as well as in her solo exhibitions “One and the Same”(2009)  and “Stolen Moments”(2010).  Also in NYC, Erika's body of work "Plastic Portraits" has received a solo exhibition at Birch NYC(2013), The Schermerhorn(2013/2014) and group exhibitions at the Red Lotus Room(2013).  The "Plastic Portraits" were featured in the international group show, "What You See is What You Get"(2013) in Bari, Italy.  Kapin’s work, The Open Photo Project has been shown as a work in progress nationally in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Alexandria, and internationally at the Non-monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference in Vienna.



Solo Exhibitions


The Open Photo Project, Sex Down South, Atlanta, GA

The Open Photo Project, Poly Dallas Millennium, Dallas, TX


The Open Photo Project, Woodhull Summit, Alexandria, VA


Plastic Portraits, Birch at the Gershwin Hotel, New York

Selections from Plastic Portraits, The Schermerhorn, New York



Stolen Moments, Chair and the Maiden Gallery, New York



One and the Same, Chair and the Maiden Gallery, New York

Group Exhibitions


Selections from The Open Photo Project, These Years, SVACE/Photoville, New York

Selections from Queer People with Underwear on Our Heads, PRIDE, Culture Lab LIC at Plaxall Gallery, New York


The Open Photo Project, Catalyst Con, Los Angeles, CA



The Open Photo Project, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Seattle, WA

The Open Photo Project, NMCI Conference, Vienna



Selections from Plastic Portraits, Artslope, New York

Selections from The Open Photo Project, WIP, New York



Selections from Stolen Moments,The Schermerhorn, New York



Selections from Plastic Portraits, Red Lotus Room, New York

Mamacocha,The Sandylore Symposium, New York


What You See is What You Get, God Direct Line, Italy



Real People, Old Court House Figurative League, Illinois 

Summer Showcase International, Gallore Gallery, Connecticut

Art for Soul with East African Center, Gallery Bar, New York



Artlive, Chair and the Maiden Gallery, New York



Preview, Chair and the Maiden Gallery, New York


Workshops and Presentations



The Open Photo Project: Virtual screening and conversation with Carol Queen, Babeland and Good Vibrations


The Open Photo Project: Installation screening and workshop, The Bureau of General Services: Queer Division, New York


The Open Photo Project: Slideshow and lecture, SVA Photo Salon, New York


The Open Photo Project: 3 screen installation screening, Poly Dallas Millennium, Dallas, TX


The Open Photo Project: 3 screen installation screening and workshop, Woodhull Summit, Alexandria, VA 





Cover photo, Fred Hersch and Esperanza Spalding, Downbeat Magazine, January 2023


Feature, The Open Photo Project, Salty Magazine, February 2020


Fashion Editorial, Mordant Magazine, November 2019


Feature, The Everyday Lives of the Non-monogamous, BBC World in Pictures, February 2018

Featured Article, Photographs of Non-monogamous, L'Oeil de la Photographie, February 2018


Featured Article, If the Partner Also Loves Others: These Couples Know How it Feels, Stern Magazine, January 2018

Featured Article, The Daily Lives of Poly People, BTRtoday, January 2018​



Selected works from Stolen Moments, Susie Magazine, November 2017




2011--2014 International Center of Photography 

2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The New School, New York, NY

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